5 Cool Arduino NFC Projects

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Arduino is an open source, very easy and super fun programmable micro controller for connecting Programming and Electronics Projects together to make things like Robots or enable custom home automation.  Here are 5 Arduino Projects using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

1. NFC Activated Garage Door Opener.  You can use an NFC programmed tag to open or close you garage door without having to use a remote control, or button keypad.  Optional upgrades you could implement are sending yourself an email whenever the door is opened or closed or when a specific NFC tag or NFC sticker is used. (Like knowing when your kid has come home from school)

2. NFC Computer Unlocker.  Using NFC tags you can replace your computer password.  Maybe not as cool as biometric passwords but still cool none-the-less.  And way better than having to remember your password.

3. NFC Remote Control Car. Tired of that old Joystick or D-pad controller for you robots.  You are in luck.  Here is a non-intuitive control system using NFC tags to send your robot in any direction you choose.

4. NFC Automatic Car Starter.  This is the best way to “One Up” someone with “Push To Start” is with “Touch To Start”.  You can make this very concealed so that no one even knows where to put the NFC tag to start the car.

5. NFC Electromagnetic Door Lock.  Leave the keys at home and use an NFC tag to unlock you door.  Really convenient while holding a bag of groceries or in a rain storm.


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