Beer Hops and Tulip Beer Glass Embroidered Iron-on Patch Set (Two Patches)

  • $11.00

Some people like cheap beer made of rice, not you. You know the origin of India Pale Ales. You have strong opinions about Fuggle Hops. You painstakingly choose the perfect local craft brew. When you adorn these Embroidered Iron-on Patches to your crisp jean jacket people will know you'™re the kind of person who enjoys a bitter, hoppy IPA.

Length: 1 1/4"
Height: 3 1/4"

Tulip Beer Glass
Length: 1 3/4"
Height: 3 1/4"

Quantity: Two Embroidered Iron-on Patches (one hops and one glass)

Great for Craft Beer Lovers and Hipsters
Embroidered Iron-on Patch with instructions included (Sewing recommended to make permanent)